Ditch your sweets for real chocolate. Watch magic happen.

It’s 2022 and we’re all supposed to be over our addictions to that sticky white stuff that is keeping us hostage to a growing laundry list of grave health problems, human rights violations, and massive environmental consequences. 

But the guy you allowed to “just squeeze by”in the snack aisle to grab his kettle chips is now trying his third ex girlfriend’s rewards number to save $0.56 while you’re stuck staring at the whimsically colored plastic wrappers all begging to be your Netflix snack. 

So many rows of tasty treats keeping forced child labor alive and well, and keeping our brains in a fog are still making their way onto the spinning black belt of judgment, and we begrudglingly bite into them on the ride home with a promise to save the other cup for later. 

That sweet sweet rush through our veins from one of the most addictive substances known to humans is still deeply embedded in our nutrition contents, even though the jig is up! We know the dangers of sugar, and still we’re purchasing heart disease and inflammation with our masks on, six feet back from Kettle Chip guy. 

The evidence is clear, and it’s obvious we need to leave this crap behind, but how do we actually implement change with a legal and lethal drug that we’ve formed lifelong emotional bonds with? How do we overcome such a deeply embedded pattern?  

My answer to my chocolate problem? More chocolate. I’m talking ethically sourced chocolate that empowers the loving hands who cultivate it. I’m talking rich and real cacao that has an unbelievable amount of health benefits when it isn’t drowned in white sugar. I’m talking delectable, crave-satiating, energizing, beautiful gift-of-the-gods chocolate that lives up to its reputation of winning hearts. 

We have been robbed! This incredible superfood has sooo much to offer our hearts, minds, and bodies, while the garbage chocolate we’re addicted to is really just another lie from major corporations reaping massive profits on abusive unpaid labor. And it’s killing us. 

Psychotherapists, addiction specialists, social workers, general practitioners, and former addicts alike - they’ll all tell you that changing a pattern requires replacing your habit with something beneficial. I guarantee when your body feels the benefits of ditching your grocery check out go-to for real cacao, it will put the nails in the coffin on phoney sugary candy bars in your psyche for good, because they just can’t hit like real chocolate can. 

I know this is true because it worked for me. And I was HELPLESS to sugar addiction. I read all of the books on quitting. I hired a freaking sponsor! (which I do also recommend), but nothing changed my cravings until I discovered the power of real chocolate.


Here is what happens to your body when you gift it with real cacao:

  • Your mitochondrial biogenesis rate soars. If you recall from biology class, the mitochondria are the powerhouses that complete all cellular work, like breaking up adipose (fat) cells, increasing productivity at a cellular level. When you work out, you make more mitochondria which leads to the loss of fat, and studies have found that eating pure cacao stimulates this metabolic pathway. You heard me right, your cardio is way more effective if pure chocolate is used as fuel. That’s what I call a win-win!
  • Your blood sugar levels are better regulated over time. Cacao helps regulate blood sugar by inserting glucose transporter 4m (GLU4) in skeletal muscle membrane.
  • Ever suffered allergic reactions? Cacao is effective in lowering immunoglobulin E (IgE) which is what the immune system releases during an allergic response. It also reduces inflammation by stopping nuclear factor-κB, a major stressor in the cells that causes outbreaks of inflammatory disease such as atherosclerosis and arthritis.
  • You get an immediate mood lift! Suffering from depression and/or anxiety? Cocoa dilates blood vessels and channels nurturing blood flow to grey matter,  which increases cognition and positive mood. Digestion of cacao also allows your brain to make more serotonin and dopamine, those feel good hormones boost your sense of well-being and connectedness.
  • You get a big dose of antioxidants, polyphenols called flavonols which bind to and neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells. Flavonols are pros at protecting against certain kinds of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal problems, lung damage, neurodegenerative diseases, and general inflammation. More on the science behind these processes can be found here.
  • Bonus minerals! Magnesium and zinc are essential to muscle health, digestion, and healthy immune response. Yep, cacao is chalk-full of em. 

All we need to do to receive these benefits is rewire our brains to crave the real stuff rather than what we’ve grown attached to. I guarantee the good chocolate will help you form these new synapses.

There are so many delicious products now with carefully sourced cacao that will delight your senses and give you the boost you need to soar easily through those cravings. 

Positively Nutz nutbutters were an amazing solution for me, because I could take a whole spoonful and know I was nourishing my body and my journey to quit white sugar. 

A former coffee and sugar addict, I now crave the flavor of real cacao. I hardly feel the need for coffee, and I am off the sticky white stuff. I know it is a long-term battle, as any addiction is. Sober addicts are still addicts, and empowered in our journey by remembering our weaknesses. I know that I could easily backslide, but the cries from the chocolate covered sea salt caramels I used to go to town on have been shushed, and I no longer feel the need to meander down the oreo aisle to torchure myself. 

Real cacao has helped me heal in so many ways I may post to a future article, but I implore you to make the trade and see what happens in your own psyche and physiology. 


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